Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guess who I spied at the CK Convention?

I went with KC to the FUN CK Convention at the Portland Convention Center March 7-8.
I spied several gals there!!! Are YOU one of them? Did I miss you???
[forgive me for not 'remembering all your names! please tell me if i missed you or mis-spelled), and i'll fix 'em!]
wendi and angel!
me and suellen!
me and janis!
me and heidi!
merci and i!

olive, me and susie!

gloria and i!

irene and i!
me and linda!
jessica and jeanean!
leanne and lisa!
adrienne and me!
donna and linda!

it was so much fun to see everyone there! [i don't know why the underline is on] hope you all had as much fun as i did!

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