Sunday, February 22, 2009

a really cool purse!

This is the second time I've made this purse! I love it. Takes some time to make it tho. It's actually for CW. I get the last one I made. They 'give' me the stuff, I make it, leave it there for like, forever... then when they want a new one, I make it, and get the 'old' one. Works for me! I'll post a photo of the 'old' one. Trying to decide if I want to give it to Kari??? See if she answers me!
The purse is about 14" across, and 12" high. This is a view of the side. Don't you love the side ties???

A view of the inside. I can make the pockets for all kinds of 'things'. I did ones for pens, cell phone (it's shorter!), keys (shorter too!), sunglasses, etc. I love this part of the purse. Hate trying to find something in the bottom of a purse, mixed up with everything else!


  1. The Bow Tuck Bag! Way cute. (did you see mine?) LOVE that bag. I've already used mine several times. Good size. I have fabric to make 2 more. ooxx`jod

  2. I LOVE THIS PURSE!!! :D Its totally cute!

  3. OOOHHHH Mommy!!! Thank you Sooo much i LOVE it!!!!thank you thank you thank you!!!xoxoxoxoxo