Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11th in the Morning

It snowed all day yesterday. Here we go again. We got about 6 inches. Yes, it is beautiful. Early this morning I took this photo of our view, Hunchback Mtn. The photo below shows how each of the branches are covered with snow. I wish the photos could convey the beauty of it all.
Terry has mixed feelings about it. It's cold. He works outside all day. Worries about branches falling. They do all the time. They are so heavily laden with snow, and the wind blows through them, and they rock, and sometimes the trees will lose a branch. Branches have fallen on Terry's truck. His carving tent (which is no longer, as the last big snowstorm took it down). In the driveway, blocking our way down or up. Over the address sign. We have been lucky so far. So the snow hinders him in his work. He carved inside his [small] shop yesterday. But breathing the dust and fumes is not a good thing. He's an outdoor man. Someday, he will have his larger shop with doors on either end, and be able to carve indoors with room to spare! That's our dream. In AZ. tho.

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