Monday, January 5, 2009

Pink Frosting?

I looked out the back window and what did I see?
Pink frosting on the evergreen trees!
The winter is amazing. So much snow. And it keeps on coming.
Poor Terry has a snow shovel stuck to his strong hand! He's just amazing.
Keeps on going. Keeping the 'path' clear for me and for potential home buyers!
Which, keep on coming!
Let's hope they still do, and soon, one of them will buy this great home!
No leaks, troubles (other than power outages), breaks, etc.
We've been blessed.

Hope you all have a Great New Year!

PS the photo was taken early Sunday morning. Only had a quick moment to get my boots on and run out back to take the photo! It changed so fast!

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  1. Good morning friend! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You should really start up your own individual blog for scrapping. I read a few posts below and I LOVE the little snow dude elf that he made that is BY FAR one of the coolest things I have ever seen! LOL!