Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Newest additions to the family!

Raccoons in our house?
Nope. Not quite. At least not for real!
Terry just carved these. THESE are my Christmas/Birthday presents!
That's 'cause I REALLY love 'em. And the only way I can keep 'em is if he GIFTS them to me.

Below is a close up look at them. Mama and her baby. Terry is carving a third one, another baby for the shelf. Check out Terry's Carvings, the link at the side, for pricing, if you'd like one!

They are so 'real' looking at first glance, that our kitties, who are used to Terry's critters, were very weirded out.

They stopped, stared, crouched low and stared some more. Then slinked around slowly... watching... waiting... sniffing the air. They slowly checked out the new creatures that had invaded their home. Their fur was puffed up... bristling. Whiskers were twitching. They decided to move closer, check it out. STOP! Did it move? Did it look at them? Back up... back up!!! Stare some more. Sniff the air. Watch. Don't move a hair. Terry moved his foot behind them, and they jumped! Skittered under the table.. quick! Watch out! It's gonna get 'em!

They were like this for a long long time. It was just too funny!


  1. Dad,
    These are GREAT! I am amazed every time you do something new. You are so talented. Why couldn't you have given me some of that talent. ;) Just kidding.

    Love you guys!