Thursday, January 22, 2009

a day at k.c.'s!

This is me and K.C. She is a long-time friend that I met years ago at Craft Warehouse. We finally... connected again. Well, we actually had occasionally here and there over the years. But this time we really 'got together' and had a really good time! Let the good times roll!!! We spent a day full of laughter... and... we each MADE something! Thanks, KC for the FUN!!! My project is below. Featuring non other than my grandbaby, Madison. I had these papers Amber wanted me to use, and as I was skimming thru my [TONS] of photos on Picassa... I found these that I had taken last year and Madi had on clothes that just happened to match the papers perfectly. Amazing! Madi was 'arranging flowers' in these photos. So cute. She is such a good little model for Ma'es photo sessions! Loves me to take photos of her!

Hope you love your little book, Madi!

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