Monday, November 24, 2008


I found this photo of me (Danella) and Amber. We have worked closely together for about three years now at Craft Warehouse. We have weathered much. And through it all, we still laugh always, and think of each other as sisters. I love this girl. She is amazing to me. She is a survivor. She has lived a very tough and scary LIFE, changed it for the better, and is now proof that one CAN do it! She's a wife and an amazing mom. I admire her. And I look forward to every day that I get to work with her. When the time comes that we move... I will miss her something terrible. We don't talk of that day. I will always treasure the many fun, crazy, hard-working, sweaty (yes... we really do work that hard!), happy, sad, goofy, and even the few and far between 'fights'. We ARE sista's!

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  1. That's special, cute picture of you both,,