Monday, October 20, 2008

What we did today!

Terry has an order for this address sign. It's pretty big. A 14.5 x 24 slab of cedar with the numbers carved in. He just stained them... he will clean up the 'runs' after it dries. It looks way better after he cleans it up. Want one???

The cards. The originals are by Danielle Flanders (you can see her signature!), one of my favorite blogs that I visit frequently. I tried 'card-lifting' her style. A bit difficult, as I don't have all the goodies she has! On the pumpkin card, I didn't have the printed flower, the pom pom trim, or even the acetate scrolls. Yea, it LOOKS like I did, but I actually drew them onto acetate myself! And I was too 'lazy' to stitch... actually my sewing machine is not running smoothly these days. Bummer.

Then, for the spider card, I improvised a lot! I drew the spider web at the top, cut down a chipboard scroll for the hanging web, covered chipboard small stars, used the cricut to cut the larger star, embossed the spider legs... which I really didn't want to do, 'cause I loved her gem legs. But I don't have black gems. Especially in that qty! geesh. And I didn't have larger stickers, so I used rub-ons for the 'spooky'. Then, for the 'journaling card', I cut out and colored my own. My 'glittered patch'... is... well... kind of ick. I need to work on that. I think it's good to try other people techniques and styles, as it expands your own skills! Check out Danielle's stuff. Her link is:

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