Monday, October 13, 2008

My workbench!

I wanted to share this workbench Terry made for me a while back. It was originally a die cut machine table at Craft Warehouse! They were going to throw it away, it was in pretty sad shape... and I claimed it! Got it home and while getting it out of the truck, Terry 'accidentally' broke it. He was 'trying' to be careful... but it fell to the ground and broke into many pieces. Yea right. It really DID break! Well, he salvaged it, and where I thought he could just 'jazz it up' easily, he instead.. remade the entire thing! 10x better! WOW! All to my specs. You know, just right to fit all my junk. Well, SOME of my junk. I'll share the rest of the stuff on later posts. It stands just above counter height, so I can stand. That way I can move easily to get other items! It's made from aged rough cut fir from our own trees! I LOVE the wood! The dark wood that you see at the bottom left side is from a cabinet my dad made for me years ago. Terry salvaged the drawers, and eventually, he'll reface them and add them to the workbench.

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